Bad Dog likes your style and wants to share your dog tales.
Here’s one of his favorites, at least the last time we asked him.

Hi folks,

My first job upon coming to California in 1968 as a young lad was as a mailman in the San Francisco Fillmore District. I started during one of the wettest Christmas seasons in recent history. 7,000 pieces of mail and some 600 stops every day…day in…day out…for $3.67 an hour…through rain, sleet or snow, as they say. And up and down countless Victorian staircases, as no one ever tells you. But the best part of this job was all the delightful canines I got to meet. I got used to being attacked daily. Anyway, after seven months of this service to humanity, I quit, and had my supervisor tell me that I was making a big mistake, as these jobs are not easy to come by. I am happy to report that I have never had a moment of remorse over my decision.